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What started as a tiny seed of an idea blossomed into a beautiful flower of a theatre group. The team poured their hearts and souls into their passion project, working long hours during and after college. With time, Takhleeq grew and evolved into a safe, fun, and educational space for people to discover their inner artist and express themselves. We welcome everyone, regardless of age, gender, caste, ability, experience, or language. Because, in the world of theatre, everyone has a chance to shine!

Rishabh Bora

Head of Marketing

Meet Rishabh, the mastermind behind all of Takhleeq’s social media engagement. Having completed his MBA from NALSAR University, Hyderabad, he's dived headfirst into the world of marketing and never looked back. Rishabh has worked with a variety of startups and big brands, turning their ideas into marketing gold. He brings a fresh and imaginative approach to everything he does, from marketing campaigns to sound design. When he's not busy strategizing, he is out on the field playing football like a pro (or cheering from the sidelines).

Nayanika Singhal


By day, she is a fierce research associate, advocating for prison reform with the India Justice Report. But when the sun goes down, Nayanika trades in her briefcase for the bright lights of the stage. She pushes herself to new limits and brings a unique blend of intellect and creativity to the team. When she's not diving into legal documents or rehearsing for her next play, you can find her indulging in some true crime documentaries or binge-watching Korean dramas.

Monib Ahmad

Copywriter and Actor

Monib Ahmad is our resident wordsmith and copywriter extraordinaire! With a master's degree in English Literature and currently pursuing his PhD at Jamia Milia Islamia, Monib is a walking, talking thesaurus. He's been involved in various theatre productions, taking on roles such as actor, assistant director, and sound designer. But Monib's real superpower lies in his writing skills. If you are wondering how we are always churning out clever and witty messages, look no further than Monib. He's our very own ChatGPT, always at the ready with the perfect turn of phrase.

Kabir Naqvi


As a TV journalist and anchor associated with TV9 network, he's always on the hunt for the latest scoop and brings his unique editorial news sense to the table. But that's not all - Kabir has also been a part of the Takhleeq family since day one, lending his talent and expertise to the theatre world. With a decade of experience in performing arts and a repertoire that spans across the Delhi circuit, Kabir is a natural on stage and knows how to command a room.

Kajal Rawat

Facilitator and Actor

With over a decade of experience in the performing arts realm, Kajal is a seasoned actor with an impressive repertoire of 25+ stage plays and street theatre performances. She has also dabbled in the world of direction and production for various performances. Kajal is an experienced facilitator, leading theatre workshops for both children and adults. Kajal’s infectious energy, enthusiasm, and passion for the craft make her an integral part of the team.



Aakarsh is our musical maestro turned theatre buff! With a Visharad in music and a Master's Degree in Hindustani Vocal Music, he brings a melodious touch to our productions. With 8 years of experience in teaching music (both vocal and keyboard), he's a pro at hitting all the right notes. Offstage, Aakarsh is a skilled writer, and a mimicry and voice-over artist and has the best recommendations on Hindi books to read.

Uzma Faiz

Volunteer - Writer

With a background in Electronics and Communication Engineering from NSIT Delhi, Uzma is no stranger to the tech world. But it's her love for reading that led her down a different path - that of writing. Whether it's penning short stories or drafting scripts for film and theatre, Uzma knows how to craft a compelling narrative. Uzma is also a software engineer by day, balancing her time as a coder and freelance copywriter.

Khushi Arora

Volunteer - Social Media

Born and brought up in Delhi, Khushi is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology from the University of Delhi. Khushi is also a talented freelance graphic designer and writer, lending her skills to various projects. As a volunteer with the Takhleeq team, she ideates and designs social media posts and ensures we are up to date with most trends.

Other associated members

Shruti Khemka

Rakshit Nair

summer camp 3_edited_edited_edited.jpg

We are all about collaboration and fresh ideas !

We love to incorporate new perspectives and creative inputs into our productions, making every show unique and exciting. We also offer specially customized workshops for children, adults, colleges, civil society organizations, and even corporates willing to engage with theatre! From the littlest thespians to seasoned actors, Takhleeq has something for everyone. 

Do you have a passion for theatre with an eagerness to explore ?

We warmly invite you to join the Takhleeq family.

Let's create a unique medium for exploration and expression.


Who knows, you may even uncover a new aspect of yourself that you never knew existed!

So why not take the leap and join us on this exciting journey of discovery and self-expression.

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