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Ghalib aur Kahaniyan


Ghalib aur Kahaniyan is an intertwining of dramatic reading and visualised performance of stories inspired by Mirza Ghalib's ghazals accompanied by heart-fluttering singing and music. The show is a beautiful sangam of movement, music, and poetry and is a treat for anyone who loves theatre, music and, of course, Ghalib. 

The performers present to you three original short stories written by Anindya Kalra set in three different eras. Reminiscing the streets of Old Delhi, audience can immerse themselves in our renditions of Ghalib's Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi, Dil Hi To Hai, and Aah Ko Chahiye.

Ghalib aur Kahaniyan began as a lockdown podcast project of the same name in 2021 and has since evolved into a captivating play. We have performed 5 shows, all of which have been sold out, with the entire house packed to capacity. We recently completed (March 2023) our fourth and fifth shows of this production at Akshara Theatre, New Delhi both of which were met with an overwhelming response from our audiences. Our previous three shows were held at TOT Studio in Lajpat Nagar.

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Testimonies of our audience

"Please release an album with all the beautiful soulful song."

“Full of emotions. Going back with them lingering on. Absolutely loved how music weaved the stories together so beautifully."

"Very powerful performance! Could feel everything being depicted. Goosebumps!"

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